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Young purebred Hungarian kuvasz puppy portrait, focus on the puppy's nose
Our mission

FEDO program
for the Hungarian kuvasz breed

The Hungarian Kuvasz Breeder Association (Magyar Kuvasz Fajtagondozó Egyesület, shortly: MKFE) is a state – approved breeder organisation. Its mission is to increase the number of individuals beside keeping the quality of the breed.

On the first of January 2018 a DNA based parentage control was introduced, which created a transparent circumstance in the purity of origin. The FEDO program (inbreeding calculator) helps breeders plan the optimal pair, decrease the measure of inbreeding, and avoid genetic disease caused by that.

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for the breeders

The most urgent task in the survival of the Hungarian Kuvasz is to revive the breeding spirit for the sake of that, we need to raise the appreciation of breeders in both the moral and the financial aspect to a higher level. The MKFE has done many steps in this field, but for further progress the involvement of the state was necessary. In order to do that they introduced the „free-herd book” in January of 2021. which can provide impressive help for the breeders. For the breeding it is essential to know the Hungarian breeding population, the survey of the national population, and the professional training of the breeders. The regular supervision of the using value (confidence, bravery, stabile nervous system), health and conformation (good physical abilities) happens on the official event of the MKFE, the breeding survey. During the breeding, the most important task is to preserve the using value and the genetical diversity.

Hungarian kuvasz portrait with beautiful, intelligent eyes
Kuvasz portrait

Past, present, future

We need to provide proper circumstances with mutual respect and trust for the kuvasz to become real and loyal to the characteristics of the breed, reliable and predictable partner. Our further task is to find the new place and role of the kuvasz in our community.

dr. István Nagy, agricultural minister, 2019

The assurance of the kuvasz’s present and future is to preserve its original function based abilities both the original in-situ and the ex-situ cultural environment.

Ferenc Pischoff, president of the MKFE

Our kuvasz carries the most noble features of the animal psyche and who once gets to know these attributions, will always deem that the kuvasz is our most noble dog breed.

Dr. Emil Raitsits, Budapest, 1924